Yoga with Mama Lynne

Yoga is an integration of body, mind and spirit.

Coming from the Sanskrit root "yuj" which means to yoke or join, yoga harmonizes the various aspects of our being. This yoking also relates to understanding our inter-connection with others and the universe around us. Yoga is an ancient discipline that includes ethical practices and studies, postures (asana), breathing (pranayama), concentration,
meditation and absorption (samadhi).
Practicing yoga... 

builds strength, increases flexibility & focuses the mind... we become energized

cleanses impurities, promotes circulation & builds stronger immunity

promotes an easeful living attitude and well-being

Settle in for the long run of our evolution as a human being.  Since I can remember my mother has been doing Yoga. I remember doing Yoga with my mother when I was 15yrs old: Sweat running down my fore head and my mother grinning while continuing her own yoga practice as I barely followed. Following once again in my mother’s footsteps by diving deeper and becoming a certified Yoga Alliance Yoga Teacher.

Hatha Yoga Anusara inspired 200hrs YTT
800hrs Yoga Development and YTT at Yasodhara Arshram, BC.

Now with my own wings I teach in the Québec Laurentien region and will be studying soon to be studying to be a Certified Ayurvedic practitioner.

Seasonal yoga classes:

Centre des Tournesols, QC

Yoga pour Tous: Mardi: 8h-9h15

14 Mai Classe d’essai-Gratuit!

21 Mai-9 Juillet-Session de 9 classes-135$ ou 20$/Classe

Karma Shala-Tremblant, QC
Hatha Yoga pour TOusWednesdays: 9h-10h30am


Le Studio Sacred Space-Mont-Tremblant, QC

Our practice offers us to watch our minds & bodies at play to unite to align with clarity that convey experiences of freedom(Svatantrya) and of pure bliss and joy-(Ananda).  Whether it be on or off the mat each breath is an opportunity to expand our awareness.