My Mission

Get ready to align to an upleved version of you!

Here's my story in a nut shell:

Having two young children I remember stopping at the top of the stairs and sending out a grin into the world at the chaos I was in, knowing full well I was not the only one in this to of a familiar situation.  My well-being out the window, knowing full well that this was the key to me getting back to my vibrant and strong self.  In the background my man telling me to stop whining about my lack of sleep and do something about it.  I was far off track from my foundational needs and any quick fix ‘bad and/or stimulating’ habits were  not serving my well-being.

Ayurveda reappeared into my life-And is here to stay!

As a mother and evolving yogi I feel a deep gratitude for these teachings of nature’s rhythm and the power of long term healing behind it.  From the ground up I have been constructing a new habitual lifestyle with habits that support my foundational well-being.   These are now my go to habits to first and foremost care for my well-being so that I may be grounded and clear to care and educate my family about their well-being and own habits.   I now feel empowered, rested and educated as a mother.



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