Yoga Immersion

Lynne is an international Yoga Health Coach, yoga teacher and massage therapist with a 10 year meditation practice. This workshop gives you the opportunity to deepen your personal yoga practice on the mat and in your daily life. It is not a yoga teachers’ training.

108 hours of immersion over 7 months, for deeper well being
1 intensive week-end at the end of each month
Well Being Evolution (2 online workshops of 15 hours each) 

During these workshops, you will learn:

↣ Basic Anatomy
↣ 4 universal alignment principles for your yoga practice
↣ Yogic Philosophy
↣ The 5 Koshas
↣ Pranayama – breathing exercises
↣ Ayurvedic Medicine Basics (15 hours) : the effects of the five elements in our daily life, how to identify your dosha and healing strategies linked to your dosha
↣ Implementing a new routine (30 hours) : integration of yogic habits fostering longevity into daily life, step by step (online or in person)
↣ How to use posture, pranayama, food, spices, herbs and other alternatives to balance your being
↣ Leading a simple life
↣ How to organize your living space
↣ Connect and nourish yourself (inner and outer ecosystems) throughout the seasons with David Grenier (permaculture)
↣ Essential oils for each season with Sue Rich  

Workshop Benefits:

↣ Improves physical strength
↣ Deepens your yoga practice
↣ Fosters prosperity
↣ Waking up rested
↣ More vitality
↣ Deeper sleep
↣ Optimal digestion
↣ Feeling well nourished
↣ Less inflammation
↣ Weight loss (guaranteed)
↣ Mental clarity

Room and board not included.
Bedroom and kitchen for rent upon availability.

“Lynne, you teach us how to DO yoga, not just show us.” 
– Jean C., yoga student.