Yoga Detox

Say yes to a new renewed version of you! Detoxing brings along a deep cleansing process.  Your body, mind and spirit are all intertwined that contain your being.  
Once cleansing is initiated to one aspect of our being the others are affected.  Your body and mind will be more intelligent and crave what it needs instead of craving that which diminishes your energy and immunity.  

 This two week on line course is devoted to a brighter and revitalized you.   

Here is what you might feel along the way through the Yoga Detox: 

>> lose weight
>> more energy
>> revitalizing energy
>> clarity of thought that helps you make better choices in your life  
>> reduce immune
>> crave to healthier foods to consume for your well being
>> feel light and energized
>> your kitchen skills will be vitalized and driven to care for your well being
>> less joint pain or no joint pain  
>> Feel rejuvenated
>> Be more connect and organised to what really matters to you

Once you sign up for a free consultation you will receive worksheets so we can get to know each other better and I may guide you to a better kick ass version of YOU!