Mama Lynne

Lynne’s personal evolution is devoted to the study of life: to be in harmony with the rhythm of nature:  the aged old medicine of Ayurveda. The evolution of her Well Being is where her deepest desires to make a change in the world become a real.  She holds the strong belief that:  You must be the change you desire to see in the world.  This statement is her stake to be an ever evolving mother of two young boys, a wife, a friend, a yoga teacher, a farmer, a cook and a nature lover.

My mother has been doing Yoga and her hands deep in the earth to plant and gather to feed her family from the land since I can remember.  A good foundation for any child-right!  My mother says that I took what I learnt from her and stepped it up to another level.  I now teach yoga, plant, harvest and prep for the transition of each season and to feed and heal my family with what the earth offers me.  

Merci Maman for the good foundation!  

Farmer/gatherer at a base, 11yrs of tree planting under my belt, rock climbing guide, 5yrs of herding cattle, Yoga teacher, a mom of two young boys and now a Certified Yoga Health coach-My life style has always be affected by the seasons and the rising and setting of the sun. This is one principal aspect of Ayurvedic Medicine  

Learning the foundational aspects of Ayurveda has led me to understand the power of my attention in regards to my daily actions/habits that determine my sate of well-being or lack of.   

These habits that I have integrated along this transformational journey have offered me many fruits from my efforts in a short amount of time, which was unexpected and welcomed at the same time.  These transformational fruits are what propel me to guide and educate people to a better version of themselves through Yoga and the seasonal teachings of Ayurveda.